Personalised Illustrated Zodiac Maps

A 'Celebration Horoscope' is a decorative and festive work of art, designed to commemorate your unique astrological birth-right.

Each horoscope chart is an original zodiac map of the heavenly bodies, celebrating a unique 'moment in time' - your birth-day.

Every element of the birth-chart portfolio has been specifically created and hand-drawn to provide a genuinely exclusive gift of the highest quality and finesse.


The twelve round zodiac pictures are all original works of art, and the decorative lettering has been specifically designed to complement the graphic and illustrative style of the complete horoscope chart.

The entire horoscope chart is colour washed to create the rich backdrop onto which the unique positions of the heavenly bodies are drawn. The horoscope is further enriched by the additional detailing of pure colour and gold pigment

The gold pigment, special inks and textured fine art paper have been carefully selected to ensure the finished birth chart is of the very highest quality.

To further enhance the uniqueness and exclusivity of the chart, the individual's birth details (their name, date of birth, time of birth (where known) and place of birth) are calligraphically added to the chart.

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