The entire Celebration Horoscopes ‘range’ is a wonderfully
rich and colourful astrological treasure-trove, - and from these
riches each portfolio is carefully compiled and created.

Every portfolio features a beautifully presented original hand-drawn Horoscope; a personal Character Synopsis, a delightful Astrological Cornucopia of amazing myths and facts, and an individual Star-Sign booklet.


Celebration Horoscope

A ‘Celebration Horoscope’ is a special kind of picture - all about you.

It is your own ‘celestial mirror’ of the heavens showing the zodiac positions of the sun, moon and planets, on the actual day of your birth.


Character Synopsis

The personal Character Synopsis of each celebrant is individually written for them.

An additional monochrome birth chart and an astrological data sheet help to clarify and illuminate each astrological profile.


Astrological Cornucopia

The Astrological Cornucopia is a fascinating collection of facts, myths and legends that illustrate the historical role astrology has played in our lives.

The cornucopia also seeks to clarify how art and science combine to create each horoscope.


Star-Sign Booklet

The Star-Sign Booklet offers a vignette of your birth-sign and brings to life the typical personality traits of your zodiac sign.

Every portfolio contains one of the twelve unique star-sign booklets.

Each portfolio is colour coded; red for fire signs, green for earth signs, yellow for air signs, and blue
for water signs.

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